Hello there!

For me, at their core, design and engineering are about one thing. Solving a human problem. They use different tools and techniques to achieve this. One relies on hard science and the other on emotional intelligence. However, both disciplines are about noticing problems and developing solutions to make a positive impact on the world. Thus, by using the two in tandem, I can deliver something that is reliable, feasible and valuable.

My approach is human-centred oriented to identify problems and solutions that add value to enhance and enrich peoples’ lives in a simple, easy and cost effective manner. I enjoy designing, making and testing physical & digital products. I relish taking ideas and making them real.

Currently I work as a Research Associate at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design and as a Research Assistant at the Dyson School of Design Engineering in Imperial College London. You can view my full work history on LinkedIn.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.