Hamza Oza

The Architect – Android Game

As part of the discovery phase, it was decided to create a mobile game for the Android platform using the Unity 3D game engine. The storyline would be based around Greek mythology of Icarus and Daedalus and be played from the character’s (Icarus) point of view. The final antagonist of the game would be a Minotaur that the player would have to defeat to win the game.

Level Design

To speed up development, the mobile game was created using the Unity 3D game engine and programmed using C#. Initially the level designs started as floor plans created in Illustrator. These were then extruded and textured to create the 3D world space of the game.

To create the user interaction, a scene with simple cubes was created. This was to quickly prototype and iterate the code required to perform desired outcomes. Certain logic conditions were created to emulate real life physics within the game such as gravity and movement.

Character Design

The main antagonist of the mobile game started as human figure with the correct proportions and muscle structure. The model was then altered to look more like a Minotaur. This involved head replacement and further body alterations. The final step was to add texture to the model to complete the appearance.

Final form of the minotaur for the game after texturing and colouring.

Character Animation

Rather than animate all the vertices in the model, which is computationally expensive, a skeleton was created to control the animation. This would control the appropriate muscle groups and create the illusion of movement.

Rigging of the minotaur

Key frames were created to make the character move in various styles such as walking, running or fighting.



The screenshots show how the game looked on a range of working Android devices.