Inventing a new composite material made from desert sand that is strong as concrete but fully reusable and more sustainable.


There is a misconception that sand is an infinite resource. The world’s legal trade in sand is worth $70 billion per year with illegal trade worth billions more.

World Sand Map

Beach vs. Desert Sand

Beach sand is more valuable because it can be used to make concrete. Even cities such as Dubai import beach sand for construction.

Desert sand however has no uses as its grains are too smooth to bind together. Concrete made from desert sand is too weak to use.

More than 300 samples were developed and tested to find what would eventually become Finite.

Engineering Testing

Finite has the same strength as residential concrete and traditional housing bricks but is fully reusable and has half the carbon footprint of concrete.

This one block was able to withstand the weight of two SUVs before breaking.

Finite Compression Test
Brick Casting

Making with Finite

Finite can be cast into any shape or size. It can also be coloured with natural pigments and does not need to be fired like clay making it less energy intensive.

Due to its material properties, Finite can be remolded for multiple lifecycle uses. The material is versatile and able to perform many functions and build many intricate forms and finishes.