Hamza Oza

Experimental Design: Magnetics and Statics

Experimental Design (EXP) is about developing new ideas through the design process. EXP often uses a starting point to inspire new ideas that are further developed using design experiments with research questions. By operating quickly, learning from “failures” and iterating throughout, multiple insights are gained. These insights may lead deeper into a topic or provide inspiration to other ideas.

The starting point for this project was: Empathy & 6th Sense in leisure scenarios.


For any experimental project, divergent thinking is key to generate a variety of ideas to investigate. At this point the quantity of ideas are more important than the quality.

The keywords of the project were defined as:

  • Empathy: Ability to share / experience another person’s emotional / physical experience.
  • 6th Sense: To receive more / different information
  • Leisure: Any activity that is not compulsory.

Future Forecasting

A near future forecast was conducted to predict how things will be. We predicted that the world will be mainly:

We also looked at the future of entertainment. We thought it would be useful to break it into past, present and future.


Touchless Society

These insights led the project to the idea of a touchless society. A touchless environment does not mean no physical interaction between people, but rather interaction with everyday objects such as automatic doors.


Thinking about leisure, we created the context of online shopping as an example. How can we feel fabrics before we buy them on a website?

So another set of experiments were created to try and achieve this. Two pathways were chosen: magnetics and statics.

Magnetic Experiments

Static Electricity Experiments


Our final experiments took the learnings from both magnetic and static experiments.

  • We like the dynamic movement of both these experiments and think that was the interesting avenue.
  • We also think that magnetic particles offered the best way of sensing the touch by the user.

So our final experiment was about creating dynamic movement using magnetic particles to create different forms and flows that can be sensed by the user.