Hamza Oza

Aerodynamics of a Car

To improve the aerodynamics of a car model using computational flow dynamics and mathematical analysis.

CAD Model

A simple model based on the Ford Focus was created as it represents a typical family car. A second model with smoother edges was created to determine if flow would improve.

Car Model
Smoother Car Model

Computational Fluid Dynamics

In order to calculate the data point of each region, the wind tunnel has to be split into smaller cubicles. The more complex the surface is, the more cubicles are required so that the software can calculate with more precision. The cubicles are much smaller around the streamlined car, as the shape is more complex.


A flow was added to mimic a car travelling down a road. Streamlines were added to aid visualisation of the flow to better determine which areas needed to be optimised.


The project was awarded a first achieving a 100% score. The updated car showed better aerodynamics and flow was shown to be optimised as the coefficient of drag reduced by 30%.